Cleaning Your Machine and the Importance of Sanitizer

Cleaning your ice cream machine may seem like a daunting task, but in reality it's a simple job that earns you long term benefits. Removing parts gives you an opportunity to inspect each part thoroughly so that you are able to identify a problem early on that might end up costing you money. Removing parts also gives you the opportunity to extend the life of your O-rings, by applying lubrication, and your blades, by flipping them over once the have been worn down an 8th of an inch. Sanitizing your machine is equally important because you kill any bacteria that might have had a chance to cling on while you were re-assembling your machine, and it also helps you check to see if you have put your machine back together properly by the loss of sanitized water instead of your beautiful ice cream mix. Stera-Sheen is a brand we trust when it comes to sanitizing a ice cream machine, and lubing parts. Below they have created a simple video to explain the process and tips to help lengthen the life of your machine. We hope you enjoy!