BKI Rotisseries



Ideal for supermarkets and superstores, the VGG's high cooking capacity will meet your growing customer demand and improve profitability by cooking up to 80 - 3lb (1.36kg) chickens in 75 minutes.  Your staff saves time with a hassle-free and easy to remove rotor system, designed for quick cleaning. 

BKI's Touch Tec control makes operation a breeze with "one touch" control and program lock-outs to protect important settings.  The control features 15 customizable cook and hold programs to increase menu offerings, a bright touchscreen display for monitoring and programming the controller, and a new bilingual feature which allows operation in English or Spanish.

Innovative safety features include cool door technology giving operators peace of mind, sensors that stop rotation when a door is opened, and a support handle and optional drain on the drippings drawer to aid in disposal. 





rotisserie chicken