Sweet Choices, Sweet Profits

The Fuzionate freezer from Electro Freeze really was a sweet choice for Gary Magnifico, owner of Magnifico's Ice Cream in East Brunswick, NJ. Magnifico was looking for a way to increase his business, so the nine-flavor machine was a perfect way to enhance the number of soft-serve flavors he could serve. The patented Fuzionate technology incorporates the flavors fully throughout the product. It's especially designed for high-volume operations because it produces a wide variety of ice cream, frozen yogurt, italian ice,  or gelato in a small footprint. The Fuzionate freezer is perfect for establishments that want to offer the highest-quality, most consistent and profitable product that can be served.

     Magnifico is a true believer in the Fuzionate freezer. "it's truly incredible," he says. "My sales have increased dramatically. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to increase their selection of flavors while using only one machine. This is the best machine I've ever used."